Ordering, Payment, & Shipping FAQ

Please read before purchasing!!

How do I place an order?

The best way to place an order is to either send me an email, or pass me a private message on TFW2005.com. If you are not comfortable making a private deal; arrangements can be made to have the item listed on eBay, but this will increase the price due to the added eBay fees.

Email: Th0r4z1n3@PlastiqueFreak.com

TFW2005:TFW2005 Member Profile: Th0r4z1n3

Twitter: @Th0r4z1n3/@PlastiqueFreak

How do I know you're not going to rip me off?

I've spent a great deal of time cultivating a good reputation within the community, and pride myself on my flawless feedback. I am also more than willing to list your item on eBay if you would like; please be aware that this will increase the price of the items due to added eBay fees.

My eBay Feedback

My Feedback on TFW2005.com

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What sort of payments do you take?

All prices are in USD. I prefer PayPal payments, but will also take U.S. Postal Money Orders. Shipping will be held until the funds are cleared.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices vary base on weight, size, & distance. When placing an order, or inquiring about an item, please include your zip code so that I can give you an estimate on the shipping cost. Prices do not include shipping; the post office does not ship things for free, so I cannot send them to you for free. Insurance is extra, and available at the buyers request.

Do you ship internationally?

While I highly prefer ONLY to ship to the United States & Canada I am willing to make exceptions. I've had some bad experiences with international shipping in the past, and reserve the right not ship to certain regions based on past experiences & reputation. Please do not be offended if I do not wish to ship to your country; it's not personal.

How will you ship my items?

I try to ship things withing 2-3 business days of receiving payment, however I do have a regular job, family, and life; so there may be times when I am not able to make it to the post office within that time frame. All items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail, with the exception of items shipped in a bubble mailer, these will be shipped via regular post. All items will be shipped with a tracking number, which will be provided to you so that you can stalk your package until it arrives at your house.

Do you insure items?

Insurance can be added at the buyer's request, and expense.

Will you pack my items securely?

I will do my best to package items as securely as possible. I have been buying/selling since 2006, I understand how important it is, and will do my very best to ensure that your items arrive securely.

Do you combine shipping?

Yes, shipping will be based on the total weight of your order (including packing materials).

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